Saturday, March 28, 2009

OMG who cut that hair?!

Just posting the page I did at Lynne's Craft Den this week, using the lovely K & Co Mira papers. It's the first page I have done of me as a child and I'm feeding my current ribbon and adhesive gemstones addiction as well! I have decided I need to reach into the archives and scrap me and my family in years gone by, and also me and Dan or my entire album will be of Emma! She is the main reason I started scrapbooking, but the addiction has taken hold and I think of every photo as a scrapbook page opportunity now. Will have to improve on the photo technique...photo's of Emma pages to follow I am sure!

Emma and I spent a lovely morning today with my friend Paul and his children Thomas and Grace. Grace just turned 2 this week and she is adorable. I realised today that they eat their own bodyweight in food every day, while Emma is the fussiest eater on the planet!

I also found out today that although most of my house has laminate or original floorboards and only tiny bit of carpet, on her first day of serious potty training, Emma managed to drench the settee twice and the carpet once and missed all the lovely wipeable floors!


  1. You mare!! I just added the title as well! I should have known you would comment on that and not the artistic efforts on the page!!!