Sunday, June 14, 2009

I need therapy...

I have been tidying my attic (my office, craft room, computer room, guest room, general dumping area) today to try and see the floor and all the other level surfaces. I found a box labelled 'alphabets'. Guess what I found...... loads and loads and loads and loads of alphabet stickers and rub ons, OMG!! And I just bought a load recently as I was getting a bit low.... Except money, what could be more exciting to find than forgotten craft stash!!!! Actually, it's more exciting than finding money! Early night out of the window, I have to craft on now!!! LOL!


  1. unfortunatly i think we all need therapy for our adictions to craft stash and i'm before you in the queue lol xsuex

  2. It's like finding treasure. If we all live to be a 100 we'll never get through all the craft stuff we've got I'm sure.