Monday, December 14, 2009

Early Christmas pressie and Princess Poppy

I have my early Christmas pressie from Dan - a single and a triple craft rack!!!! I wasted no time in filling with my goodies and now he knows how much stuff I have, lol! I've managed to empty some boxes I had shoved here and there and fit more on my shelves behind me so it looks a teeny weeny bit more organised (not...)

I've finally got a card reader as my camera cable was broken, so I can also post the page I did at Craft Den of my other girl Poppy, my first girl before Emma came along. She is sooooo tiny, literally half the size of George, which isn't that hard as he is the size of a small dog. She is lovely and sweet and really, really loves her mum!


  1. Lovin the storage....Santa has visited your house early this year. I love organisation, what an excellent pressent! Poppy Princess what a great title , the LO look lovely. Hope you have a good christmas, see you in the new year. Jo x

  2. Wow Kathryn, what a lucky girl you are. These are fabulous, what a kind and thoughtful present, because as you say, he'll now know how much stuff you've got! Have a lovely Christmas and a Peaceful New Year. Ann x

  3. oh my i just love the storage. great page too have a lovely christmas and i hope santas kind to emma x sue x

  4. Fab pressie Kathryn!! You look so orgainised!! Hope you had a fab christmas and have lot's of lovely pictures of Emma and her pressies xx

  5. Just seen your wonderful Xmas Pessie what a fantastic man to buy you the shelving. I have seen them at shows and just love them. I hope you had an equally wonderful Christmas with your little girl and a very Happy New Year.
    Pat x