Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Hello, I finally have managed to take some photos of my workspace today only because I didn't tidy up last night. My workspace is also my office as I work from home, so I have to tidy up every night to work again in the morning. I groaned this morning when I saw it, but then remembered I could join in with WOYWW for a change!

I was making a card to fit the Saturday Sketch challenge this week. I have never done any challenges before and always feel I am missing out when I see all the lovely creations so I decided to find some time to do one yesterday, which I need to post later. As you can see, I am a lady after Flutterby Ann's heart (see her WOYWW today, lol) and always end up crafting in a teeny tiny space as I have to have everything out to make one thing. I am always this messy when I craft and I do get stressed with myself! I have to own up, I actually did tidy up a little bit before the photo or you would just be able to see a pile if stuff on the desk! Oh dear.


  1. Love the pictures of your desk Kathryn it all looks very interesting!!! and I love the little red book in the corner that looks adorable!!!! Love Chanelle

  2. The book looks interesting, would like to know more about it. A messy desk is more interesting, more to look at and wonder about.
    Pat xx