Sunday, July 25, 2010

WOYWF - What's on Your Workbench Friday!!

A Poppy, that's what, or who I should say! Here is my desk on Friday, my little cat Poppy likes to keep me company while I am in my office, I mean craft room....
Quite often she is laid across my arms and it's a struggle to type, but on Friday she was obviously being thoughtful and just laid on the envelope I was just going to send to my sister, Liz, for her birthday on Monday. The memo holder Emma 'made' for Auntie Liz for her birthday. It has been blessed with Poppy's fur, Liz won't mind too much, and she is far too cute and tiny to push away!
Visit Lynne's blog for the instructions to make it. I have already cut the greyboard out to make some more, I think they are perfect for Granny and Grandma as Christmas stocking fillers. It's hard thinking of things for Emma to make for them! I just hope Liz doesn't look at my blog before she opens her pressies!

I have been playing tonight with some great Graphic 45 halloween Alice in Wonderland papers and some fabby star detail ribbon, just in at Craft Den. I'll post later when I have time to take photos. Jury service again tomorrow, but at least I am having a break from work!

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  1. Oooooh er WOYWF haven't even got around to joining in the wednesday one... The cat looks comfy... xoxox Ann