Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treak

Well we had a fantastic time on Saturday night, Trick or Treating with Emma!! She looked extremely cute in her pumpkin outfit for a start and was one of the youngest out and about. I was amazed at how busy the street was with all the children wandering from house to house with buckets and baskets ready! Emma got some really lovely welcomes at all the houses and was almost always offered, 'go on take another one'! I was so impressed at the number of houses on the streets round us with decorations in the windows and many people answered the door in costume, some of them without the excuse of having children with them! One house even had a gravestone in the garden! It was great! Emma was a bit shy at first, but soon got into it, when she realised she got sweets after saying these funny words that mummy prompted her to say, although she says 'trick or treak', hence the title of my page! Is she cute or what? Am I biased? I don't care!

To anyone who doesn't 'do' halloween, take a happy 3 year old trick or treating with a pumpkin costume on and I'll defy you not to enjoy it through her!

I did a layout on Sunday night with the lovely Bo Bunny Boo Crew papers and really enjoyed myself. I also got to use some more of the yummy Halloween alphabet stickers which I bought in Paris last year (Le Temple du Scrap! Who needs to visit the Eiffel Tower!) I'm also trying to do a page a month of Emma to scrapbook 2009, so this one is also October as well as Halloween as I didn't get any really decent photos of her birthday earlier in the month(boo hoo).


  1. oh my goodness how cute emma looks adorable glad to see mum dressed up as well! page looks great as always see you thurs at craft den (if you are going) x sue x

  2. She does look cute...you are not being biased. It sounds like you had great fun! How long will all the treats last you?? Your page is lovely x

  3. Great page, Emma looks so cute. Love the title and the letters you've used. Love Sandra x

  4. Aw, Emma looks so cute, and as though she really had a good time, don't know who enjoyed it the most,you or her. Lovely page, looks very spooky to me, you've caught the mood very well.

  5. Wow!! Love the layout!! Emma looks fab as a pumpkin!! glad you both had a good time xx