Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oh no, still working..

Well the snow has been great in one way, I didn't have to travel down to Bracknell today. I looked at the weather yesterday and decided I couldn't drive and bought some train tickets. Then as the snow got worse and worse my manager decided she couldn't make it to the office today either so we cancelled. The down side is I still have to work! Not much excuse when you only have to go upstairs, lol! I ended up working all last night as well, as I had to get Emma early when her nursery closed and didn't get anything done in the afternoon. Well you can't really do much work when you are throwing snowballs and building snowmen!

Here is the masterpiece. He is called George (Emma names everything George or Poppy after the cats).

Here is Hillsborough Park, where we made a quick trip - Emma said she was cold as soon as we got there and cried all the way home. Well it made a lovely photo anyway.

And not to outdo anyone, I don't have a washing line, but I do have a spinny thing!


  1. Love the picture's Kathryn!! George is such a fantastic snowman Emma should be very proud I just hope he makes it onto a layout!!! xx

  2. Beautiful photos of the snow and I love George's hat a cute snowman. A lovely photo of Emma building the snowman I am sure it will make a lovely layout.

  3. fantastic pics, a spinner makes a change, so many "lovely" snowy days. scrapbooking pics to last years x sue x x

  4. Fabulous pictures. Love your snowman. He's such a cutie. Best wishes. Gez.

  5. Lovely snowy photos. Love George, very cute. Great photo of Emma. Love Sandra x