Sunday, October 4, 2009

Poppy and George

I decided I have not scrapbooked my really beloved cats very much. I started scrapbooking after Emma was born, so they have never really taken centre stage, but they were well and truly my babies before Emma came along and are still my babies now, so here are Poppy: 'Popstar', 'Princess' and George:'The Honsome', 'Big Man'.

They are only about 1 year old on this photo. George is now about 16-17 pounds, hence 'Big Man', which Emma now calls him sometimes, which is amusing. He loves his food, sleeping and his mum, I think in that order. Poppy is very, very small, and loves being outside and hunting (unfortunately), her mum and sleeping, in that order. When Emma was born, George really didn't seem to notice and got on my lap anyway, but we did not see Poppy in the same room as Emma for 2 years as she hated the 'screamy thing' as we came to call Emma to the cats! Both of them will let Emma stroke them now, and she is adamant that they are her cats, not mummy's!!!!


  1. ahhh so cute they look as though they are actually posing. x sue x

  2. Beautiful layout love the colours and two cute cats. Lynne xx