Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My First Award!!

As usual I have been away for a while, busy with work and Emma and general life. I try not to spend too much extra time on the laptop as I already spend all day on it and my neck is not good at the moment, so sorry again for having to catch up!

Firstly, THANKS SO MUCH!!! to Kerry for my first blog award. I am so pleased you thought of me Kerry, thank you! Now the hard part as I don't personally know 12 crafters with blogs, lol, and I don't have time to visit very many blogs, so there are only 10!
Many of you will have had this already I see from Kerry's list!
In no particular order:

We had a lovely time at Race for Life on Sunday. Not only was it hard not to cry all day with the touching messages people had written on their back signs about why they they were there today, they started reading them over the loud speakers!! I am so soft, they can't do things like that to me!

Here is me, my mum and Liz with our medals and sprinting for the finish line. My camera shy mum managed to hide behind me for that photo!

Lastly, I have finished decorating 2 more plywood boxes with some Prima papers found in Burnley (coming soon to Craft Den yeah!!) They are quite simply decorated with stamped and cut out elusive images butterfly and flower images on coordinating paper and craft foil. The blue one contains tags and ATC blanks for decorating, the pink one has all my plain (black, brown, beige) buttons in it and the pink/green one with the rose top has all my metallic buttons in it. They look lovely all lined up on my shelf. Hope you like. :-)


  1. Congratulations on your award Kathryn and thank you for passing it on to me xxx

    The pictures are great from the race and will look great scrapped!!! lol You sound just like me far too soft and cry at anything!! xx

    Love the box's you have altered and the added embellishments are lovely!!

    Love Chanelle xx

  2. Well done for completing race for life and i see a picture of you running when im sure you said you were walking- even better! Thankyou as well for the award!! Hope to see you tomorrow xxxx

  3. Congratulations K on finishing the race - it looks like you had fun. Can't wait to see your layout with the pictures on.

    The boxes are great, love the colours you have used for them.

    Hopefully see you tomorrow. Love Kerry xx

  4. Hi Kathryn. Well done on finishing the race. thank you for my blog award, did you get mine?
    Love those boxes, gorgeous. See you tomorrow. Lynne xx