Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lovely pressies

Hello, I just wanted to share the lovely pressies my sister bought and MADE for me this weekend!

Here is my lovely shabby chic dress iron dress form. Isn't she lovely? I haven't decided what to 'do' with her yet, but I'm quite happy for her not to do anything and just sit there looking pretty next to my jars of flowers and buttons.

BUT... here is the best one....

My sister Liz, who does not like scrapbooking and only did it the other weekend to make some pages for the album for our Mum, this same person MADE me a scrapbook page! She went along to the craft shop with the photo, bought everything she needed, including adhesive and made it for me, how lovely is that?!

no comments on my hair please....

I have just realised that the last time I blogged was 2 weeks ago. We are having stuff done on the house, it's constantly in a mess at the mo, Dan is laid up with his knee after his op, and I am desperately trying to finish the scrapbook album for my mum - just 3 more pages to go for Sunday! Last night I made mum's card so that's a weight off. So sorry I have been awol. I have only just realised I missed the DT for the challenge last week, I am mortified, must get my head down to do the Oriental one tonight, it might be a quick tag, lol!

Here is the card for my mum.

off to get Emma and hopefully fit in another SB page tonight.


  1. Wow what a thoughtful sister and obviously now a secret crafter looks like you may have a convert!!!! Love the layout she has made and the beautiful dress manequin.

    Hope you manage to get your scrap book finished on time and quick tag!!! lol

    Love Chanelle xx

  2. Hi K,

    It is so nice that your sister made a scrapbook page for you - so thoughtful and it is really nice that she appreciates what you do! I would treasure it!

    I love the card you have made for your Mum. Gorgeous! Love all the flower detail.

    Good luck with the scrapbook!

    Love Kerry xxx

  3. everything is lovely but the colouring on the card is amazing love it all x sue x

  4. That dress form is fantastic, I am so envious. The card is beautiful, bet she'll love it. xx

  5. busy, busy, busy will be so worth it when you see your mums face on sunday!

  6. Your pages are fabulous Kathryn and even better in real life as they say. Love your Mums card it is beautiful the colours are gorgeous. I am sure she will love and treasure the scrapbook, such a great present.

    What a lovely sister you have, sounds like you had a good birtday.

    Love Lynne xx

  7. Beautiful card Kathryn as usual. That is such a lovely layout your sister has done and to say she not like scrapbooking, she's done a wonderful job, the butterfly is gorgeous, and WOW the dress form is great. xoxox Ann