Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Mum's album pages

Here are a couple more of the pages done so far for my mum's album.

I did the first two and me and Liz did the second two this weekend. After years of 'er, no thanks' to scrapbooking she actually enjoyed herself , came up with loads of ideas and said she felt like she wanted to scrapbook something Monday night! I'll make a scrapbooker of her yet, lol.


  1. Can't think of anything nicer than scapping these beautiful pictures with your sister!!! I wish my sister was interested!

    Love the layouts they are all so individual and just gorgeous. Love Chanelle xxx

  2. Four very special pages Kathryn! Your Mum will love them and it makes it extra special that you did them with your Sister.
    Your head must be hurting thinking of all the different layouts.
    Love Kerry xxx

  3. These are lovely scrapbook pages, It's good to have a sister who enjoys the same hobby..... which I guess that makes me lucky too xoxox Ann