Wednesday, December 1, 2010

How funny..

I have been decorating a wooden advent calendar for Emma since August this year, and as usual I am right up to the wire and only finished it last night just in time for the first choccy this morning, and... Chanelle has been doing exactly the same thing, same box, same blackberry croco paint and gold paint underneath, same paper for the door numbers and she also started in August LOL, what a coincidence! Great crafters think alike, lol.

Here it is with just gold dabber on it

Mine is somewhat different as I could not find where on this planet I had safely stored the paper for the door numbers until Tuesday night so it was all finished in a bit of a rush and not at all as I had planned. In fact I have not really tidied up the croco paint on the doors yet, but Emma doesn't mind. In fact I am not sure she really has looked at it at all yet, she was more intent on the promise of chocolate for finding door number 1, which is quite right for a 4 year old. She'll have time to be bored by mummy about how many hours it took to do when she's older, lol! I might re-do it in time for next year when I have given myself time to plan it correctly, but you're right, probably I won't!

Check out Chanelle's really lovely version. She has been very careful and only croco'd the doors , which looks lovely, (unlike me, I just lathered it on!) and made some really fabbo shrink plastic Magnolia Tilda's as decoration. Love it.

I have loads to blog, gift boxes we did at Craft Den last week and I have made 7 more, a Christmas banner I have made, a bits and pieces tray I have finished which cost me 50p at a car boot and of course the lovely Christmas wreath made last night. I just need to remember to take photos. I'll also come back with the completed snowmen. We started two today but Emma was eventually more interested in walking around the garden in the deepest snow possible. She has had two changes of clothes today. Snowmen finishing is daddy's job tomorrow!


  1. Wow Kathryn its beautiful love them the size is just awesome and so much better than the norm!!!!

    Emma will love it I know Rochelle was really impressed with mine!!!

    Can't wait to see all the other goodies you have been making. Love Chanelle xxx

  2. This is fabulous Kathryn and what a coincidence. A great keepsake for years to come and I am sure in time Emma will appreciate all the work involved. I am lucky enough to have seen your bits and pieces tray, it is stunning just loved what you had done with it. Looking forward to seeing your other projects along with Emma's snowman.

    Take care keep warm, happy crafting Love Lynne xx

  3. hi kathryn love the advent calender its so lovely when they are that age not quite the same when they are 26, 24,& 23next week. get those pictures taken want to see the work x sue x

  4. Beautiful, I love the colours, i've seen Chanelle's also and they are both fabulous works of art. Emma will be able to enjoy it for years. If I made one filled with chocs, my daughter at any age would love it. she's 26 and still loves the advent calendars. xoxox Ann