Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Just a bit of snow!

Well after walking home from Craft Den last night in the snow, even I won't be attempting that today. Nursery is closed so I have Emma and a day off work and Dan has gone off to work dressed like Scott of the Antarctic! He may be back soon, we're not sure if the trams are running on this side of Sheffield at the moment.

Here is the view from my front window and back door. The cats have had a shock this morning, it's deeper then them. Poppy tried to aquaplane over the top! More photos to come when Emma and I have built the world's biggest snowman (well big for her anyway!)


  1. Brilliant isn't it. LOL. Can't wait to see yours & Emma's snowman. Love Sandra x

  2. You where very good going last night!! we decided it was too risky!!!

    Cats are just so funny!! Billy decided she needed the toilet and was sooo surprised when she sank!!!! It even covers Dustys legs so it must be deep!!! Have a great time with Emma making the snowman!! Chanelle xx

  3. They look fabulous you must have had great fun making them..Very brave to go anywhere in this snow, it looks so pretty on photo's. Ivan only went outside this morning to make sure birds could get to seeds and snow came over top of wellies... It's snowing again as I write this... Hope you get your snowman made..xoxox Ann

  4. its fun isnt it snow watchin (not) im obsessed lol x sue x

  5. Fabulous pics Kathryn thanks for sharing we will have to have a snowy scence scrapbooking night. Hope you have had a great time with Emma in the snow. Looking forward to seeing your snowman. Take care. Love Lynne xx