Thursday, November 4, 2010

Anything Goes Challenge #23 - The Letter 'B'

Here we are again, I know everyone says this, but where did last week go? I only just realised last night that I was late with posting my entry for the Anything Goes Challenge this week. Last night blogger was mean and wouldn't let me post anything so here goes again.

The theme this week is The Letter B

I am having that kind of week again. I have been to the vets today with my poorly boy (he is now nearly 17lb, I hardly feed him, he must have a vast network of catflap restaurants he visits in the minute amount of time he spends not sleeping), been to the lauderette (because of poorly boy, nuff said), had the roofer around again to look at our leaking roof, which he described as 'one of those jobs' sigh, he told me to give him a ring if it leaks again. "I have you number now, I can ignore it!!" Nice... I hope he was joking... and been to one garage now to get a quote on the damage to Dan's car as one of our neighbours hit it while we were away for the weekend. Roll on Saturday..

Anyhoo, here is my entry for this week. I have 'had a go' at grungy look. I love grungy, I love looking at it when someone else does it, but I find it soo hard. In my core I like pretty things and bright colours I think, but I hope you like it. Just loving that butterfly die.


  1. oh kathryn what a ---- week but on a good note the tag is fabulous it may be grungy but very pretty grungy heres hoping for a better week x sue x

  2. Sounds as though you've had an horrendous week, hopefully it can only get better, although with all this rain at the moment, it must be pouring through your roof. Love the tag and your take on grunge is gorgeous. xx

  3. I love the tag K....what a week! Poor George! I hope you are managing to stay dry x

  4. Love you grunge effect, and the butterfly is gorgeous. Sorry to hear about your bad week. I hope your boy is feeling better. I love how cats just get lots of food from other people. Chester my westie would love that. Love Sandra x

  5. Sounds like you've been having rough time but it's not affected your lovely crafting, I love this butterfly die too.Hope your poorly boy gets better soon. xoxox Ann