Friday, August 19, 2011

The last week....

Emma has her very last week at nursery next week before she starts school on 6th September. I can't believe it. Four and a half years almost she has been going, full time, bless her, since she was 6 months old. I will bawl like a baby next week! Those lovely nursery staff have been such a big part of hers and our lives - oh, why do they have to grow up?!
I have made a mini book thank you card to give to them next week. You see us crafters don't just buy a thank you card, or even make one, no we make a mini book!!! How's that for showing off, lol!
Lots of piccies I am afraid, particularly since I don't really want to give it away! I might have to make another one just for me.

The whole book

First Page - just look at that face!!
First Day
Little Ladybirds - baby class

Busy Bees - toddlers class

Having fun and playing

Careful Caterpillars - pre-school class, and Good-Bye, sniff!

Hope you like and have a lovely weekend, K x


  1. What a gorgeous present for the staff at the nursery, beautiful photos and fantastic work. Gosh hasn't time flown, now starting school. xx

  2. Hello Kathy, This is BRILLIANT hun!! What a fabulous keepsake and the photos are adorable!!
    I hope you have a fab weekend, lots of hugs, Annie xXx

  3. What a great book, I bet they cry too! Such a brill way to remember her time there x

  4. Hi K,

    I can't believe Emma starts school in September.

    What a lovely keepsake book for the staff showing Emma'a progress over the years.

    Love Kerry xxx

  5. Oh catherine, it's sad but exciting at the same time, watching them go on to the next stage. We put our trust in the staff at these nursery's with the most precious little people in our life. And it sounds like Emma has a wonderful start in life from them to set her off in her school life. Good luck to Emma. I remember taking Daniel & Amy on their first days like it was yesterday. Love Sandra x

  6. My word time does fly!!! What a fab gift to the nursery Kathryn and what beautiful pictures and detail I bet they will treasure it as much as they have Emma over the years!!! Good luck with the diet I'm at weight watchers as Rochelle is getting married at Christmas so trying to loose the extra lbs!! Chanelle xxxx