Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Poppy is in charge...

Well I did get over the shock of the BIG vet bill, only to pay out another £90 today for annual boosters and worming and more special food for George's 'delicate tum'. Poppy drew blood from me three times while I was trying to drag her out from under the futon in the attic (she slipped past me and under so fast I thought at first that it was my fringe that had moved in front of my eyes) and then again at the vets whilst she was being wrapped in a towel to have her worming tablet. Whirling Dervish comes to mind... The vet commented that she was quite feisty...understatement. I was practically lying across the vet's table to hold her down, wrapped in a stripy towel (she was, not me), at 9.30 in the morning. Who would have thought that someone that weighs 4.5 Kilo and is the size of a teddy bear could be so strong! My mum once had a lovely cat called Tiger, who was of a slightly grumpy nature and you had to wrap him in a towel and sit on him just to change his flea collar and then actually jump onto the kitchen top when you let him go, as he went off like a Tasmanian Devil, to make sure that he didn't get your legs! Poppy is heading that way! George just sat still and accepted his fate, sweet boy!! Poppy came and sat on my arms later while I was working, all sweetness and light and back to normal as the lovely, loving cat I know! It is such a good job that I really, really love them!

Anyhoo, here are the last few layouts I have completed, not very many lately, I had Emma on my own all last weekend and most of my free evening time was spent in creating a mini 'Thank You' book to give to nursery. Now I have done it I want to keep it! I'll post it later when I have taken all the photos.

Last week we did a LO at Craft Den using some lovely floral and butterfly papers. I didn't see who they were by which is not like me. Most likely they are Bo Bunny or Prima, I'll have to check tomorrow. You can see that I have smothered the flowers with stickles. Here is Emma chasing bubbles in the cottage garden during our holiday to Scotland in May.
The next LO I did a while back and it's taken me ages to photograph it. I used Prima papers and cut out a frame which is raised on foam pads

The butterflies are cut from a coordinating paper and the flowers are from the Tim Holtz tattered florals die. I've added stickles n ribbon.

I joined Slimming World two weeks ago - I have been before a couple of years ago and was doing OK, but kind of went off track when my friend Caroline died, and just never bothered with it again. Of course, I have piled on even more since, and although I have been told it doesn't show by a few people (they are being extremely kind), I was quickly reaching the stage that my full term pregnancy weight was over the horizon , minus the baby!! I used to be the skinny one in size 8 dresses, how things have changed! I didn't have a great week this week, but I have lost 3lb so far over two weeks so I am on my way! A few of my Craft Den friends joined a while back and are making the 1.5-2 stone marker at the moment, which is fantastic and they look great. I think I need a photo of the thin me on the kitchen cupboard door to spur me on! Anyway as part of my motivation I have added a weight loss ticker to my blog. It might help me anyway!

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