Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Two posts in one day!!

Two posts in one day, you can tell I am a bit bored at work today and still a little bit in bank holiday mode, lol!

I have been organised and made my father's day cards already, as it falls on the day after we land from our hols, so I am organised!!

One for Emma's Daddy.....luckily Dan never looks at my blog. He gets shown the originals and makes the appropriate noises, lol!

And one for my Daddy....who wouldn't know what a blog is! I took an idea from a recent craft magazine for this one as men's cards are sooo hard to do. Cutesy from Emma to her daddy are fine, but adult men's cards.... I think this one has come out OK though. I have done some die cutting and embossing and sanding on craft foil, for the star badges, it doesn't look very shiny on these photos.


  1. Hi K,

    Look at you with two posts in one day. I love the s/b page you have done for your DT project.

    The cute made for Emma is so lovely. I agree cards for men are really hard.

    Love Kerry xx

  2. Two post in one day, superstar. Both cards are brill. Hope Emma likes the one you have made for her Daddy. Love Sandra x

  3. Blimey you're on the ball making fathers day card..It's lovely, Dads are special too just like Mums and he's gonna love it.... xoxox Ann

  4. Absolutely gorgeous cards. You are definately on a roll. Keep going girl!